[pioneer of the times] Tianshui Hailin bearing Chen Xiaoming: the "old craftsman" of the new era


Chen Xiaoming, Secretary of the Party branch of the boutique branch of Tianshui Hailin Bearing Co., Ltd=“ https://image.bearing.cn/news/zcg_ pic/2020111678653_ 785.png' style='width: 500px; ' class='fr-fic Fr DIB '> < / strong > < br > < / P > < p > < br > < / P > < p > < br > < / P > < p > in the golden autumn, the long lost sunshine sprinkled on the gold lettering at the gate of Tianshui Hailin Bearing Co., Ltd. the reporter followed the staff into the factory workshop to see that on the modern assembly line, all kinds of machinery are operating in a standardized way. The on-site technical personnel check the finished products while inspecting and debugging the machinery A scene of booming production. < / P > < p > < br > < br > < / P > < p > & quo; today's production task is relatively tight, we must rush out after a hard work, and we must ensure the quality and quantity of the product. When we met Chen Xiaoming, he was arranging work on the production line. Sometimes he picked up the products to observe carefully, and sometimes talked with the technical personnel. < p > < p > < br > < br > < / P > < p > this year, 59 year old Chen Xiaoming has been working for 34 years. Since his work, he has been on the production line. At first, he was an operator, then he was promoted to the team leader, and then gradually promoted to the foreman and deputy director of the boutique branch. In 2015, he was officially named the Party branch secretary and factory director of the boutique branch. From 2003 to 2008, he was rated as an excellent Communist Party member by Hailin Party Committee for three times, and was honored as 'excellent manager' by the company twice from 2015 to 2017. After graduating from high school, Chen Xiaoming did not continue to study. Although his education background is not high, he has been dealing with production lines for more than 30 years. He has changed from an apprentice operator to an 'old craftsman' who knows all kinds of machinery;. < / P > < p > < br > < br > < / P > < p > & quo; over the years, the production equipment has become more and more advanced, and the update speed is very fast. In order to understand these machines, I have to keep up with the pace of production. Although I am now in the management position, I still have to participate in the discussion of the use scheme of the new and old equipment. I can't understand the explanation of the on-site technicians without reading the professional books. If I want to arrange production for employees, I must learn how to produce by myself. &Chen Xiaoming said that in his spare time, he studied tirelessly. For computers and professional knowledge books, he did not stop learning because of his age. On the contrary, he was more eager for new knowledge than young people. He often took the initiative to borrow professional books from his supervisor and read them at home after work. In 2015, Chen Xiaoming, as the director of the branch factory, faced with many problems in production and management, he did not wait to die. Instead, he boldly innovated his working ideas, aiming at improving production efficiency, promoted 5S management, optimized production process, improved the quality of physical products, promoted lean management, adjusted the distribution method, mobilized the enthusiasm of employees in production, and divided the whole product The management of the factory is in good order. Due to outstanding work performance, the branch factory team led by Chen Xiaoming was rated as 'advanced collective' by the company for three consecutive times from 2015 to 2017;. < / P > < p > < br > < br > < p > < p > & amp; in October 2017, he was hospitalized due to illness, and returned to the production line the next day after he was discharged from hospital, directing and connecting the production work. This persistent spirit really infected all the staff of the branch plant, and stimulated their working enthusiasm. &All the staff of the factory are convinced by Chen Xiaowei's attitude. Although Chen Xiaoming is kind and friendly, he is meticulous in his work. He requires the staff to operate in a standard way, and process products in strict accordance with the process flow and process requirements. He encourages technical personnel to reasonably improve and upgrade the tools, clamps and abrasives that affect the product quality, and increases the spot check and inspection of product quality, so as to greatly improve the product quality of the branch factory L. In recent years, with the joint efforts of all the staff of the boutique branch factory, the demand for bearing market has increased sharply in recent years. He led the staff of the branch factory to work overtime to ensure the production and market. He successfully completed the production and operation tasks assigned by the company and created the best production performance in the history of the branch factory. As a member of the Communist Party, I love my career, and I believe that through the efforts of our team, the boutique branch will create another brilliant future. &At the end of the interview, Chen Xiaoming said confidently. < / P > < p > < br > < / P > < P style = 'text align: right;' > (source: new Tianshui)